How to Fix MacBook Microphone Not Working
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How to Fix MacBook Microphone Not Working

MacBook Pro or MacBook Air microphone not working? If yes, do not fret, as this article shares many quick and easy solutions to this problem. 

Though used only quite a few times, the microphone on MacBook comes in handy when you have some crucial call, video chat, or meeting. In situations like these, it is normal to lose the cool if the MacBook microphone is not working.

Now that you have landed on this article, you may breathe a sigh of relief. Through this piece of writing, we are going to introduce you to the most effective solutions to the Mac microphone not working problem.

However, before discussing the solutions, it is in your best interest to take a look at the problem’s causes. If you know what triggered the problem, troubleshooting becomes easier. Hence, let us go through the same.

Why Is MacBook Microphone Not Working

The following may be the possible reasons your MacBook mic is not working.

  • Your mic is broken
  • Issues with a newly installed application
  • Your device is not defaulting to the microphone you are using
  • Improper mic setup or incorrect settings

Above, we share some common factors that contribute to the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air microphone not working issue. Let us now talk about its possible solutions.

Fixes for MacBook Microphone Not Working

You may apply the following fixes to solve the issues which lead to the Mac microphone not working issue.

Note: Before beginning with the fixes, it is important to know which microphone your Mac is using. You may follow the below instructions to check it.

  • Choose the Apple Logo from the top-left corner of your device’s menu bar.
  • Go to the System Preferences.
  • Click on the Sound option.
  • Choose the Input tab from the top.

Now you can see which microphone your MacBook is using and the ones it can access.

After knowing the mic details, you may proceed to the below solutions for the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro microphone not working issue.

Fix 1: Go through the application permissions

Your microphone may not be working as the application you need to use does not have the required permissions to access the mic. Hence, you may follow the below steps to check the settings and provide the necessary authorization.

  • From the top-left of your Mac menu, select the Apple Logo.
  • Choose System Preferences from the menu that drops down on your screen.
    Choose System Preferences
  • Choose the Security and Privacy option.
    Security and Privacy
  • Select Privacy from the top.
  • Choose Microphone from the options present on the left pane.
  • Select the application you want to permit to use the microphone.
  • After proving the necessary permissions, check whether the issue is resolved or the MacBook mic not working problem still exists.

Fix 2: Review the sound input settings

Mac microphone not working issue may be a result of incorrect sound input settings. Hence, checking these settings and correcting them can most certainly fix the problem. Below is the approach you may follow to do it.

  • Choose the Apple Logo and launch the System Preferences. 
  • Click on Sound and go to the Input tab present at the top.
  • Slide the Input volume towards the right to increase it. Increasing the input volume makes you audible to the other person when you are on a call.
    Input volume
  • You can also slide the Output volume to the right to raise its level.

Fix 3: Try resetting NVRAM/PRAM

If you have an Intel-based Mac and facing the MacBook microphone not working issue, you may reset NVRAM/PRAM to fix it. The following are the steps to do it.

  • Select the Apple Logo and click Shut Down.
    Apple Logo
  • Power on your Mac and immediately hit and hold the option, command ⌘, P, and R keys simultaneously for over 20 seconds.
    command ⌘, P, and R
  • Leave the keys after your device restarts twice.

Note: To reset NVRAM or PRAM, you must not have a firmware password. If you have it, turn it off.

Fix 4: Use Dictation on Mac

If you encounter the Mac microphone not working issue, you may use the dictation feature to make sure your work doesn’t get hampered. You can follow these directions to enable dictation on your Mac.

  • Click on the Apple logo and select System Preferences. 
  • Choose the keyboard option.
    keyboard option
  • Select Dictation from the options available in the top menu.
  • Toggle on the dictation feature.
  • Try using the mic to check whether the error has disappeared or you still face the MacBook microphone not working problem.

Fix 5: Ensure your external microphone is a sound input device

For your external microphone to be recognized by your device, it must be a part of your sound input devices. Otherwise, you may encounter problems like the MacBook Air microphone not working. You can take the following steps to make sure that the mic you are using is the sound input device.

  • Click on the Apple Logo to select the System Preferences. 
  • Choose Sound from the options available to you.
  • Ensure your external microphone is listed under the section to Select a device for sound input.
    Select a device for sound input. 

Fix 6: Boot your Mac in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a good option to check for problems and solve the issues like the MacBook Pro microphone not working. Therefore, below are the steps to boot your Mac machine in Safe Mode.

  • Turn off your Mac.
  • Press the power button and hold the Shift key until you get the login screen.
  • Input your password (you may need to enter it a couple of times) to boot the device in Safe Mode.

Fix 7: Install pending updates

Updating the MacOS is also among the best ways to fix the Mac microphone not working problem. You may install the updates for your device by following these directions.

  • Open System Preferences (you may use the Apple logo to do it.
  • Go to Software Update.
    Software Update
  • Wait until your device checks for available updates.
    checks for available update
  • Click on Update Now to download the OS update.
    Update now
  • Select Restart Now to apply the update.
    Restart Now

After going through the above fixes, several questions might be running through your mind. Well, the next section tries to answer them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to every question that may cross your mind regarding the Mac microphone not working issue.

Q1. How do I enable my mic on Mac?

You may follow the below-mentioned steps to enable the mic on your device.

    • Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences. 
    • Pick Security & Privacy.
    • Choose the option to launch the Privacy pane.
    • Click on Microphone.
    • Select the box available next to the application for which you wish to use the microphone.

Q2. How do I test my internal microphone on Mac?

The following are the steps to test your Mac’s internal microphone.

  • Open the System Preferences.
  • Select the Sound icon.
  • Click on the Input tab.
  • Choose the Internal Microphone and speak something.

Q3. How do I fix my built-in microphone on my Mac?

This article acquainted you with many fixes for mic issues like the MacBook microphone not working. You may apply them one by one until you reach the most effective solution for your built-in microphone.

MacBook Microphone Not Working: Fixed

Through this write-up, we discussed how to fix the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro microphone not working problem. You may apply the fixes given above to make the mic function correctly.

If you know other effective ways to solve the Mac microphone not working problem, you may use the comment box to share your knowledge.

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