The Best VR Headsets For 2022

The Best VR Headsets For 2022

The rampant progress of Virtual Reality settles the fact that the technology is not going to slow down anytime soon. As a result, Virtual Reality headsets are becoming increasingly normalized high-tech devices, with some of the best VR headsets still waiting to be launched. Owing to the excellent advancements in the visuals, tracking, and overall performance of VR hardware, the best VR headset choices are becoming more practical and immersive.

These developments have enabled virtual reality to become a viable option for several applications and industries of various verticals. Additionally, businesses in their nascent stages are also learning and adapting to the technology as they understand its relevance and everyday use in the future. While some CEOs look for the best virtual reality headset to adjust to the technology, this needs to be said that some are still not sure if it is necessary.

The new launch of some of the best VR headsets may cause this rift to change. For instance, Facebook, now Meta, is about to launch a new but expensive VR headset with amazing features supporting face tracking and Mixed Reality. Apple has also joined the league as the buzz of the Apple VR headset releasing soon is being heard. Similarly, Sony is also expected to launch the PlayStation VR 2, which will be compatible with the PlayStation 5, and introduce new controllers around this year. With companies like HTC introducing advanced phones with blockchain compatibility, along with some of the best VR headsets for PC, we may also witness more phone-connected VR headsets like the HTC Vive Flow being released soon.

The choice of the best VR headset largely depends on personal preferences in the virtual world. As VR technology establishes its strong foothold in the tech industry, the best VR headsets keep gaining popularity in the gaming industry. As we all know, VR headsets are mainly being used for playing games in contemporary times; Oculus Quest 2, one of the most preferred VR consoles, is top on the list of best VR headsets. So, if you want to land in a virtual environment as a gamer, you can go for this device as it is the popular choice for the best VR headset experience. However, a Facebook account is mandatory to use Quest 2. And, that’s not it; we have curated a list of the best VR headsets for you so that you have plenty of options.

The market is being swamped with new and technically advanced vr headsets, making it hard to choose one to buy in 2022. So, here are our top picks for the best vr headsets that will help you make the right decision.

List of The Best VR Headsets

As said above, choosing the best vr headset depends on personal factors such as the purpose of use and budget. For instance, before selecting the vr headset, you should decide whether you want the best VR headset for PC or you want a headset that plugs into your console or an entirely stand-alone option. Well, this list of best vr headsets will help you eliminate all the confusion and get the most suitable vr headset.

1. Meta Quest 2

Till now, Meta Quest 2 remains an undisputed winner in the race of best vr headsets. Even though the Oculus branding has witnessed backlash in favor of Meta, the Quest 2 is so far the best VR headset to buy. This Meta VR headset can deliver virtual reality immersive experiences or games anywhere. The only downside is that the user must have a Facebook account to operate the headset.

It includes 128GB of plenty that can easily store dozens of games and apps. In addition, there are silicone covers for the foam face piece that help eliminate facial irritation concerns when the user has the headset on. Quest 2 is a fun and versatile VR headset that is highly user-friendly and really comfortable around the glasses. This best VR headset includes self-contained motion tracking and a full-motion six degrees of freedom (aka 6DoF) controller.

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Having the same motion tracking required as Oculus Rift, Quest 2 can now be called the best vr headset for PC. Users can link their Quest 2 to their PC and experience PC-exclusive VR titles like Half-Life and Air Link functionality, enabling them to go cable-free if they have strong Wi-Fi. Moreover, it has an astonishingly excellent high-resolution display and built-in speakers. Downloading apps is also a hassle-free task with the headset’s onboard storage capacity. Moreover, along with a PC, the users can use the device with a single USB-C cable or wirelessly.

Thus, this is not surprising that Meta has discontinued Oculus Rift S to let Quest 2 become the only best vr headset choice for Oculus VR. However, that isn’t indicative of Meta stopping in the VR league. Project Cambria is a new vr headset that Meta will introduce later this year. It will be a work-focused vr headset that is said to generate more profit compared to Quest 2. But, for now, Quest 2 undoubtedly remains the best vr headset in the market.

  • Excellent standalone headset
  • Reasonable cost
  • The best VR headset for PC
  • A Facebook account is mandatory
  • No Bluetooth headphone support

Meta Quest 2

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2. HP Reverb G2

If we talk about the best vr headset in terms of best image quality, the HP Reverb G2 wins. It could be the best vr headset for gamers who choose the device based on its display. The price range is settled reasonably, with the device delivering a 2,160×2,160-per-eye resolution and a 114-degree field of view. This lightweight and comfortable headset also include incredible drop-down speakers designed by Valve.

Technically speaking, this vr headset is not a device centered only around virtual reality.

HP Reverb G2 is a Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headset that chooses to launch into Microsoft’s native Windows 10 VR ecosystem while it is compatible with Steam VR and also works with games and apps. In addition, the headset delivers built-in camera-based room tracking that is easy to set up than the Valve Index’s external base stations but is more predisposed to tracking errors.

However, the downside of this vr headset is that Microsoft’s VR controller design-based controllers are more cumbersome than Quest 2 controllers or Valve Index controllers. Moreover, the user doesn’t get any headphone jack with this device, leaving them only with the choice of over-ear speakers.

  • 4K display
  • Inside-out tracking
  • Small visual spot
  • Issues with AMD PCs
  • Performance bugs
  • No headphone jack

HP Reverb G2

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3. Sony’s PlayStation VR

Did you know that Sony’s PlayStation VR is the only head-mounted display for gaming consoles? Interestingly, the screen of this vr headset provides a fair immersive experience. Microsoft provides gamers to play Xbox games through the Oculus Rift S, but it isn’t VR-enabled. Sony’s PSVR features a 5.7 OLED display, offering gamers low persistence and less motion blur. Sony boasts about attaining ultra-low latency with its best vr headset, which is better than Oculus Rift S and the HTC Vive.

Sony provides an additional box (smaller than the PS4) that bears the brunt of the graphics processing. It tracks head positions and is compatible with Sony’s Move controllers, offering the old controllers a new lease of life. VR employs basic tracking using the PlayStation Camera, and the area where the user can move around is very small. Thus, people perceive it to be a better sitting VR experience.

Sony’s PSVR 2 is expected to launch later this year. So, it is recommended for anyone having a PS5 to wait for what should be far premium hardware and a new game library. Still, the PS5 and PSVR 2 remain costlier than Meta’s Quest 2.

  • PS4-powered VR
  • Exclusive library of games
  • Basic tracking
  • Motion controllers are badly designed
  • Low-res display
  • Relatively expensive

Sony’s PlayStation VR

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4. Valve Index

With classic visuals, it is commercially the best vr headset available in 2022. It has a display resolution similar to the Vive Pro, Quest, and Odyssey+ but with the added advantage of a 120Hz refresh rate.

Apart from high-quality specs, the feel of wearing on Valve Index is also very comfortable. Though it’s comparatively heavier, the shape of the head strap evenly distributes that weight around the head. The top-notch material used for this vr headset also contributes to its proper weight management.

Besides the product’s look and feel, Valve Index is claimed to be the best vr headset because of the exemplary audio quality. Instead of the usual headphones, the built-in near-field speakers of this vr headset are powered by speaker drivers. In addition to this, Valve’s three-dimensional surround sound somehow also delivers next-gen aural isolation without completely cutting out the external noises.

Coming to the trackers, Valve Index’s new controllers double the effect of typical motion controllers and finger trackers. These controllers are strapped with the user’s hands to enable them to release the grip without worrying about dropping the strapped trackers.

The Valve Index enables the experience of impressive technology and handy convenience features such as USB passthrough in the slot hidden after the front panel. In addition, there are several unique third-party mods for this slot. However, all of these premium features come at a hefty price for this best VR headset on the market.

  • Cutting-edge hardware
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Virtually no SDE
  • Uncomfortable set-up
  • Limited support for finger-tracking
  • Expensive

Valve Index

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5. HTC Vive Cosmos

In terms of price, the HTC Vive cosmos may go a little overboard for consumers. However, its modular nature makes it one of the best vr headsets and unique in the Cosmos range. Cosmos owners can buy a new faceplate and connect it to their existing headset instead of buying a new or latest HTC headset. This element of HTC Vive Cosmos makes it cost-effective for HTC consumers.

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In addition, the Cosmos offers a fair immersive experience with six-camera tracking for low- to mid-intensity VR games. Still, the camera tracking is not that powerful, and the loss of tracking in quick VR titles may make the user flustered.

Moreover, the general hand tracking and controllers work relatively well. Although the controllers are similar to the original Vive, they are fairly comfortable. The trackpad is excellent, and though the side buttons take their time to get used to your control, they deliver satisfying clicks. All in all, there is a need for innovation-update to take the device ahead in the league of best vr headsets.

  • Modular design
  • Accurate tracking
  • Comfortable fit
  • Expensive
  • Requires a high-end gaming PC
  • Not the highest resolution displays around

HTC Vive Cosmos

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6. HTC Vive Pro 2

Looking at the features at a glance, HTC Vive Pro 2 may appear to be the best vr headset out there. The product boasts its highest resolution along with expansive 120-degree FOV and smooth 120Hz refresh rate. Though the pixel-powered display looks incredible, making the VR experience highly detailed, the overall poor execution is covered up by the impressive panel.

The most prominent problem is the odd rectangular FOV, with the 120-degree FOV directed to the horizontal FOV only. Compared to other VR experiences such as Valve Index, this may feel slightly claustrophobic to the user.

The Vive Pro 2 is the same in terms of the usual design, indicating that it’s just as bulky and uncomfortable to use over longer sessions as its previous model. In addition, there is absolutely no change in the story with the Vive Pro 2 wands, as they are the same as they were in 2016.

It’s also costly compared to other best vr headsets on our list, meaning this product is only for a hardcore VR fan that can overlook some of the outdated design choices seen in the Vive Pro 2.

  • 5K display
  • No screen-door effect
  • SteamVR compatibility
  • Oddly shaped FOV
  • Chunky
  • Outdated controllers
  • Expensive

HTC Vive Pro 2

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The Bottom Line

Not everyone will consider your best VR headsets to be the top as you do. In fact, even the finest range may not win most people’s hearts using VR. However, now that we have highly advanced games such as Resident Evil, Half-Life, Star Wars franchise, etc., and prices of vr headsets are starting to fall. Thus, investing in a vr headset is reasonable if you’re passionate about gaming.

So, if you’re ready to invest, know that the best VR headset for most people is Oculus Quest 2. It’s affordable and has multiple-level functionality with a broad range of services and games. In addition, this favorite can hold itself against the technical chops of some of the experienced players. However, if you’re looking for a power-packed immersive experience, HTC Vive Pro 2 is a better recommendation as it offers full room tracking.

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