The Best Playstation 5 Games To Play In 2022
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The Best Playstation 5 Games To Play In 2022

Sony Playstation 5 is still the most popular gaming system of this generation. With numerous top PS5 games already out and more on the way, this most recent version of a venerable line has amazed users with its graphic prowess.

It’s been nearly a year since the PlayStation 5 launched. Despite widespread supply shortages, the platform’s best PlayStation 5 games are starting to shine through with a great lineup of best PS5 games available to everyone who has managed to obtain the next-gen consoles.

However, getting their hands on a PS5 is gamers’ most significant issue with the system. However, a select group of you were fortunate enough to purchase a PS5 from the online store. The top PlayStation 5 games available right now are listed below if you’re one of those people. The top games for PS5 right now are included below in our comprehensive list.

Best Playstation 5 Games

Here are the best PS5 games available while we wait for the potentially groundbreaking games to give us a taste of what the next generation is intended to feel like.

1. Horizon Forbidden West

The first word on the whiteboard may have definitely been “more” when the Guerilla Games team initially sat down to brainstorm Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to PS4 smash Zero Dawn. More weapons, missions, mechanical enemies, skills that may be unlocked, crafting, and inventory systems overall. This best-looking PS5 game adds a lot, sometimes to the point of becoming annoying.

You are once more given the duty of exploring the (forbidden) west as the red-headed huntress Aloy in a post-apocalyptic future to gather some MacGuffins for rebuilding the terraforming AI that ought to be in charge of controlling the world but has been lax. As a result, the west resembles the east greatly, but because of the PS5’s capability, it is depicted in incredible detail.

Although the gameplay is mostly the same (and more of it), Forbidden West succeeds in a world after Breath of the Wild thanks to enhanced climbing and a new swimming mechanism. The show’s headliners continue to be the robotic beasties, big and small, which include enduring favorites and some noteworthy brand-new arrivals.

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When Horizon 3 arrives, it could benefit a little less because Forbidden West can grow quite messy due to the abundance of skills, upgrades, and inventory. However, if you want an open environment to get lost in, this accomplishes the trick beautifully.

2. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

The newest Ratchet & Clank game is only available on the PS5, and it’s easy to understand. It’s a perfect demonstration of Sony’s new hardware, with no loading screens to be seen—a fantastic achievement considering you spend a significant portion of the game bouncing between other realities.

Rift Apart, which picks up after the events of Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus in 2013, is the ideal fusion of outstanding Pixar-level graphics, tight gameplay, and an exciting plot, but it still plays well even if you’ve never played an R&C game before.

In order to prevent the comedic enemy from gaining control of everything, the title’s two main characters follow Dr. Nefarious into the multiverse while jumping between a dizzying array of open worlds.

With numerous hacks and skins acquired during your initial gameplay, the 15-20 hour campaign is jam-packed, and there’s a good reason to revisit this best game for PS5. It’s still a Ratchet & Clank game, but given how well-liked the genre is, that’s not awful.

3. Deathloop

One of the PS5’s best games right now is Deathloop, the most recent title from Arkane, which combines excellent gunplay, tactics, a stunning open landscape that changes throughout the day, and lots of profanity.

Colt, the main character, awakens on Blackreef Island to discover that he is caught in a time loop. You would undoubtedly be cursing a lot if your day started again every morning! Colt quickly learns that he must eliminate eight Visionaries the same day before midnight to break the time loop. Even though it seems simple, those annoying Visionaries don’t remain put all day, and that’s when things start to become interesting.

It’s up to you to travel to different parts of Blackreef Island at different times, learn new things, get access to new tools, and develop your skills to influence the Visionaries. But how do you kill two visionaries simultaneously in separate locations? In this exciting FPS, you’ll have to put your sleuthing abilities to the test.

Notably, the gunplay is immensely satisfying, and when combined with the range of powers, you’ll find inventive ways to eliminate the island’s increasingly hostile inhabitants.

4. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Aristocrat’s Creed We’ve all been waiting for an open-world role-playing game with a Norse theme, and Valhalla is undoubtedly one of our favorite recent Assassin’s Creed games. So put on Eivor Wolf’s fur-lined shoes and Kiss, explore the vast and varied open world, establish alliances, and even plunder towns and monasteries for resources to improve your property before setting out for ye olde England.

Being an Assassin’s Creed game, it is one of the best PlayStation 5 games with many side missions, riddles to solve, pagan gods to appease, and hallucinatory dream states to explore. The story is intriguing, with crucial moments determined by your decisions changing the course of the game in unexpected ways.

You’ll probably lose yourself for hundreds of hours in the beautiful world Ubisoft has created, thanks to a combination of satisfyingly brutal combat, a straightforward yet effective weapon system, an incredibly customizable character, and a charming open world full of mysteries and easter eggs that Brits, in particular, will enjoy (including a man chasing his pet screaming FENTON!).

5. Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The critically acclaimed zombie game from 2015, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, builds on everything we loved most about the first game and takes it even further.

You take on the role of Aiden this time around, a Pilgrim who travels the infested world as a post-apocalyptic Amazon driver in search of his long-lost sister Mia. The vast post-apocalyptic cityscape in Villador, surrounded by walls, is humanity’s final stronghold; yet, zombies are free to roam the surrounding countryside.

As you scale skyscrapers, scavenge infested metro stations, and explore abandoned structures, Dying Light 2’s open environment offers levels of incredible verticality that Cyberpunk could only dream about. Here, the improved version of parkour excels, offering a quick and enjoyable method to move about the world.

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Thanks to the trash you collect while exploring, a constantly changing selection of adaptable melee weapons makes combat just as thrilling. Want a hammer that spits fire and stuns foes when it hits them? In Dying Light 2, you’re covered.

The plot is as compelling as always, with more player choices than I’ve seen in a game in a long time. However, because these choices can have significant repercussions on the broader plot, you’d better pay attention.

The only drawback is that a significant portion of the map, which can be seen through binoculars from high buildings, is inaccessible at launch and will likely be made available later on as paid DLC.

6. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Before its release, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga received a lot of hype, and it’s easy to see why. All nine Star Wars films are included in this top PS5 game, and players can access places and characters from each movie.

The hype was actually justified for once. There is a tonne of stuff from all nine films in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and many hidden objects and easter eggs. But, while adding new dynamics to the tried-and-true recipe, it still has that certain tongue-in-cheek Lego charm.

You can get closer to the action, and better enjoy the intricate Lego details in the game’s numerous landscapes thanks to how the latest Lego game reworks the game mechanics for a more “over the shoulder” feel similar to most third-person titles.

Although the shooting is still run-and-gun, the new camera viewpoint gives you the option to hide and use your sights to fire more conventionally. As you progress through each level and battle your way past the Galactic Empire’s defenses, you can upgrade the powers and abilities of the different classes of characters using a new skill tree. This will motivate you to collect all the different collectibles scattered throughout each level.

The Skywalker Saga’s user interface is the sole severe drawback; even devoted fans of the Lego video games may find the numerous mechanisms for unlocking characters and purchasing skill upgrades to be confusing at first.

7. Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 7 was a critically lauded reimagining that somehow returned to the franchise’s roots while simultaneously branching out in a new direction. Unfortunately, Capcom had a terrible time following it up.

The response from Village is to create four different Resident Evil games and see which is successful. Ethan Winters, the main character from 7, is back, this time lost in the Eastern European forest while attempting to save his little daughter. Four local lords and ladies, each with their own domain, must be defeated as you make your way through the (surprise, werewolf-filled) titular Village.

The castle closest to the original Resi is the now-famous Lady Dimitrescu’s. Other sections include a fight-heavy trek through the levels of a zombie cyborg factory, a combat-free nightmare in a doll-filled house, and an underwater portion that focuses on puzzles. Resident Evil is at its best when it is imaginative, and while Village isn’t flawless, you can never claim that.

8. Jurassic World Evolution 2

The sequel to the first park management game with a dinosaur theme is called Jurassic World Evolution. Although the fundamental idea hasn’t changed, it’s evident that Frontier has listened to the community this time and made several improvements.

In addition to being more intricately depicted, the dinosaurs also include flying and aquatic species. To keep the latter in check—or at least attempt to—a unique dome is needed. The UI has also been improved, and some original aspects like the power cord system have been changed. Even though it can be daunting for beginning users, this results in a more rewarding park construction experience.

The campaign is introduced since it functions more like a lengthy instructional. The best PS5 game’s sandbox mode, where you can design the park of your dreams, or the more intriguing What If-style Chaos Theory mode, which places you in the middle of crucial moments in the five Jurassic Park movies, both offer a more satisfying, intense park management experience once you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is one of the best PS5 games with an ideal starting point if you appreciate the idea of creating your own dino refuge.

9. Call of Duty Vanguard

The most recent entry in the series, Call of Duty: Vanguard, takes place immediately before the end of World War II, provided you’re one of the few people who choose to play this top PS5 game’s single-player story. But, of course, you should. Even though it’s shorter than previous campaigns, this one is memorable, has lovely characters, and has Hollywood-style graphics that’ll make you stop and think about how far first-person shooter games have come in the past 20 years.

Aside from the campaign, the game’s multiplayer options, including fun but basic Zombie mode, matter. It’s a very varied affair with 20 maps available at launch, various game styles, and an improved menu system that allows you to search for the best games for PS5 based on criteria like player numbers.

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It’s still the same Call of Duty multiplayer experience as its predecessor, which features satisfyingly fast-paced gunplay, killstreaks, and a tonne of unlockable skins. It’s unlikely that the formula will change very soon, though, given that it works. So Call of Duty: Vanguard is one of the top PlayStation 5 games and still a fantastic choice if you need an excellent old-fashioned FPS fix.

10. Far Cry 6

Far Cry Primal, Far Cry New Dawn, and even Far Cry 5 failed to live up to expectations recently, but Far Cry 6 returns to the series’ roots on the fictitious Caribbean island of Yara.

The island is stunning, with everything from thick forests to tiny towns to enormous cities with skyscrapers (a first for the series! ), but Anton Castillo’s dictatorship rules over its people. But every Far Cry game obviously needs an over-the-top adversary. Castillo is just that, prompting the islanders to rise against him as he devastates the island and its inhabitants to develop his revolutionary cancer treatment.

Gunfights seem fluid and thrilling since the gunplay is centered on handmade weapons, which vary from the cool (like a flamethrower) to the downright ridiculous with a terrific feel and seamless movement.

The gameplay in Far Cry 6 is not entirely new. It can become monotonous as you move across the island’s center regions to assist Libertad and defeat the dictator. However, compared to more recent and best PS5 games in the series, the gameplay loop is considerably more interesting, and the game’s co-op mode is also a lot of fun for multiplayer.


Finding a suitable and the best PS5 game to fit your interests is tough. Therefore, we have included games for everyone in this list of top PlayStation 5 games. This list of best PS5 games has everything from sports to incredibly long story games.

When choosing these best-looking PS5 games, we looked at features, story length, and popularity. There are the best PS5 games for everyone on the newest Playstation. You can’t go wrong with today’s technology with any of these best games for PS5.

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