10 Best AI Apps Of 2022
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10 Best AI Apps Of 2022

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most anticipated technologies of the 21st century. It is said to prepare the ground for the future of technology as a time will come when AI will become inevitable for human life. Some of the best AI apps have started taking the lead to achieve a breakthrough in the world of information and technology. These apps indicate how human intelligence is bracing itself to bring a knack for scientific evolution. In simple words, the best AI apps today or AI technologies, in general, strive to get as close to human behavior as possible. Moreover, AI Technology tends to reduce the time and effort ordinary humans consume to accomplish tasks.

Multiple industries, from business management to healthcare, have started relying on AI technology. However, this doesn’t limit the technology for complex use alone. Though they have a wide spectrum of applications, some of the best AI apps can simplify even your everyday tasks. As technology comes closer to the complexities of human intelligence, the blurring lines between human and machine capabilities will begin to intensify.

Thus, if you were thinking that reading emails, getting shopping assistance, and making phone calls saying “ok Google” on Google assistant or “hey Siri” on your iPhone was the best AI could offer, we’ve got news for you! The tech market has evolved with the best AI apps introduced every now and then. So, let us explore some of the top 10 AI applications for 2022.

Top 10 AI Applications

The birth of Artificial Intelligence has marked a new dawn of technology. As AI becomes a core component of our technological interactions, some of the best AI apps introduce upgraded features for multiple uses. Below given is the list of the best AI apps doing the same.

1. Siri

How could we miss Siri being the best ai app, right? Apple has done wonders and set high benchmarks by creating this virtual assistant. This popular AI app operates with an AI-powered virtual assistant that comes inbuilt into all Apple products and platforms such as iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and audio. Siri works on s voice queries and a natural language user interface (UI). The virtual assistant will get instantly active if you say “Hey Siri” anywhere near your Apple device. You can make phone calls, read messages or emails, ask questions, and give commands for internet searches. Not only this, it can adapt to your preferred language, searches, locations, and more, becoming more like a handy companion.

A survey conducted in the USA indicates that 44% of the people who use virtual assistants prefer Siri the most. This tells us about the popularity of this Apple’s virtual assistant, leaving its competitors behind. As per Apple’s strategic preferences, the company is expected to keep this best AI app exclusive to its own browser and devices.


2. Cortana

Cortana is the proclaimed best AI app that does not need an introduction. This AI-powered virtual assistant by Microsoft is available on various browsers and devices such as Windows 10, Windows mobile, Invoke smart speaker, Microsoft Band, Android, iOS, Windows Mixed Reality (MR), Amazon Alexa, and Xbox One. In addition to this, Cortana is also compatible with other devices such as Razer Kraken 7.1 V2, HyperX CloudX, and more. The latest Windows 11 PCs come with this virtual assistant in-built. It is widely used to simplify the tasks of users with these devices.

Cortana comes with multiple other benefits that include hands-free help, answering questions, providing reminders, keeping notes, taking care of tasks, and assisting in managing the calendar. The virtual assistant tracks user activities and adapts them to attend to and resolve queries.

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The default setting of Cortana includes using natural language processing, Bing as the primary search engine, and retrieving data from the user device to provide more personalized suggestions. Not only this, this virtual assistant contains an API that is compatible with multiple Windows and 3rd party apps.

As per the VentureBeat statement released in 2018, 400 million devices have Cortana up and running. Despite having an extensive user base, this AI-powered virtual assistance landscape faces high competition with the other best AI apps and software available.



3. Google Assistant

2016 marks the advent of this AI-enabled, voice-powered virtual assistant from Google. We all have seen the “ok Google” stride going on since then. As this is also an in-built virtual assistant in Google devices, this does not exactly fall under the best AI app category. But, undoubtedly, this is among the finest virtual assistants or, as some still call it, the best AI app for android available today.

Google Assistant is supportive of both voice and text entry. This virtual assistant also uses natural language processing, offering voice commands, voice searching, assisting with tasks, voice-activated device control, finding information online, sending reminders, making appointments, doing translations in real-time, etc. In 2018, a Pixel 3 event informed that 10,000 smart devices across 1,000 brands use Google Assistant, further expanding the overall reach of Google.

Google Assistant


4. Alexa

Amazon did a pretty fantastic job launching Alexa, an AI-powered virtual assistant. While some may see this as a stand-alone device, the Alexa app is also considered one of the best AI applications. Amazon started its virtual assistant device journey by launching the exclusive Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers.

Alexa is among the best AI assistant available on various Android and iOS platforms. It smoothly works with natural language processing, voice recognition, voice queries, voice communication, music & news playback, etc. In addition, it can maintain to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, and play audiobooks, along with providing real-time information on weather, traffic, news, sports, etc.

Users having the Amazon Echo device can wake Alexa by calling the name. On the contrary, the other devices with Android or iOS can only activate it through buttons. This best AI assistant can also be set up on PCs by following a few simple steps. A few PCs even enable hand-free activation of Alexa, whereas some other PCs need you to click the Alexa icon.

Statistics say that till May 2019, 60,000 devices and in April 2029, 100 million devices that run Alexa have been sold. This is enough to depict that Alexa is one of the best AI assistants available.


5. ELSA Speak

ELSA speak, another best AI app, is a popular platform for learning English. With the help of brief dialogues, users thoroughly practice speaking English and pronouncing English words. Furthermore, they can anticipate speedy development because AI gives them instant feedback. This software uses speech recognition technology, and according to its website, over 4.4 million people have downloaded it. Additionally, ELSA Speak is said to have more than 3.6 million users across 101 nations. There is a free seven-day trial period after which the user must purchase ELSA Pro. ELSA Speak is accessible on iOS and Android, but neither PC nor Mac versions are available.

ELSA Speak


6. Socratic

Another best AI app for learning and Education is Socratic. The AI-powered application assists students with math and other school homework. Recently, Google revealed its plan to acquire this AI-powered app.

Socratic leverages its AI skills with creative visual explanations for the concepts that students need to learn while taking photographs using their phone cameras.

Socratic provides e-learning for science, math, literature, social studies, and other subjects through the use of text and speech recognition. This AI-powered app is compatible with the iPad and is available for iOS and Android as well.

Google Play data indicated that there had been over 5 million downloads. According to the positive reviews in the Apple App Store, the Socratic iOS app has gained positive feedback.




7. Fyle

This is by far the best AI app for expense management. The application is available on the desktops of iOS and Android devices. Its knack of advantage is its intelligent expense management space, with the app recently launching direct collaborations with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. Moreover, it has a record of doing business with esteemed organizations like Royal Enfield and Communicorp. This AI app offers key advantages of real-time data collection, keeping track of data cards, expense reporting, travel workflow creation, etc. In addition, the recent release of its Google Chrome extension and G Suite features now allow users to report expenses through email receipts, using a single-click process. Thus its popularity was further increased with these advancements the app introduced.


8. DataBot

Next on our list of the top 10 AI apps is DataBot. Available on Windows 10, Android, and iOS, DataBot is a virtual assistant that exceptionally utilizes AI. Additionally, it’s accessible on Windows phones, iPad, iPods, Android tablets, and Xbox One.

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This app addresses the subjects important to you and provides voice answers to your questions. Based on the subject of your interest, DataBot has services built into it that offer you access to photographs, information, and multimedia presentations. In addition, you can search for any query using this AI app through Google searches, Wikipedia, RSS feeds, etc.

DataBot can be modified to become compatible with your preferences for voice, language, etc. In addition to Portuguese, DataBot is able to communicate in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. Through DataBot, you can also share your content via SMS, email, and social media.


9. Hound

Hound is better than many of the best AI apps in terms of searching for information. Available on both Android and iOS, Hound works with users’ natural voices and then takes a follow-up to refine the results. It is also possible to use this AI-powered app hand-free.

The results obtained from Hound are accurate and quick. Moreover, the app also allows you to type messages and make phone calls. What’s more? It provides real-time information on news, weather, addresses, checks flight status, and much more. It utilizes Speech-to-Meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding proprietary algorithms. As for clients, Hound has worked with top-notch companies such as Motorola, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, etc.


10. Youper

The last in our list of the best AI app is Youper. It is an AI-powered emotional health assistant software that you can download on both iOS and Android devices. Because it allows for brief interactions, this app can assist users in taking charge of their emotional well-being. In addition, users can receive tailored meditation guidance from Youper.

With Youper, users can also better understand themselves and keep tabs on their moods. The software customizes a variety of methods using AI. The app has received many positive app store ratings, and experts strongly recommend it. It even falls under the category of some of the best AI apps for mental health.




The best AI apps we shared with you will certainly make you understand how AI can be valuable to your business. The most popular AI-powered apps and software are majorly dominating the space through Chatbots, one of the key aspects of AI development. However, developing an AI app can be challenging! If you wish to learn more about the technology, you should check out how big software companies are disrupting AI.

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